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Hosting a PostgreSQL Database

Introduction I recently came across a company called Heroku who offer a hosted version of PostgreSQL. Since I am looking into hosting a database I thought I would share my thoughts on what you should think about when hosting a PostgreSQL database as well as comparing a Cloud hosting provider like Rackspace against the Heroku service. What to think about when hosting a server When looking to host your database there are a number of things you need to consider (in no particular order). Location Where are your main customers. Where are your servers going to be that will be communicating with the database. Ideally you would like the database to be as close to the other servers as possible, preferably in the same building on the same network.

A C++ library for communicating with Amazon S3

Introduction Amazon web services (AWS) has many SDKs available for interacting with its services. Java Mobile Android iOS php python ruby Windows and .NET But the one that they don't support and have no SDK for is C++ . Because of the lack of an official SDK from Amazon many people have written their own C++ code for communicating with the REST api . I decided to have a quick look to see what was out there and compile a version that could be used commercially.