Multiple UVs and LightMaps in C4D

This shows how to use Multiple UV sets. One set of UVs for all the diffuse textures on the objects and another set of UVs for the light map. The two materials were then blended together.

The resulting scene is below. This is a Quake Level file that is imported using a custom import/export plugin that has support for multiple UV sets (mainly for the light maps).

To see how this is setup we first look at the objects tags...

Each Polygon Object that is loaded has 2 Texture tags, 2 UV tags and 1 Normals Tag. These are loaded in in a particular order, that being the first Diffuse Color texture tag, then the UVs that should be used for that texture tag are next to it. After that we have the Lightmap texture tag followed by its UVs and finally the Normals Tag. If you click once on the Lightmap texture tag you will then see the following in the Attribute panel in Cinema4D.

The important thing to notice here is that the Mix Textures tag has been turned on. This will mix this texture with the previous one (that being the Diffuse Color). Now double click on the Lightmap texture tag and you will see the following in the Attributes panel...

Here you will see the Mix Mode for this texture. It is currently set to Normal. Other options are Add, Subtract and Multiply.


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